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Sun Kissed Skin

Prepare yourself for summer with natural looking tanning treatments, saving you the hassle of finding sun in the UK.


St Tropez tanning can be applied to your entire body, or only the most conspicuous areas depending on your wishes.

In need of a top up?

If all-over tanning isn't your cup of tea and you prefer a more understated look, our Tan & Tonic beauticians are able to simply top up your existing tan.


Don't worry, no one will know it's fake!

Obtain that beautiful, bronze summer look with a St Tropez tan.


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Many people are worried when they get their first tan, fearing their tanning experience will result in an over the top look.


Don't be put off by such concerns, our Wakefield salon will make sure you get the shade you want.

First-Time Tanners


Beautiful Tanning