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Baby Smooth Skin

Choose from our wide range of waxing treatments in our Wakefield salon.


From full body to intimate waxing, Tan & Tonic will help make you feel as sumptuous as a Hollywood star!

Unwind and Relax

I don't know about you, but these days a good massage can reinvigorate your spirits in a hectic world.


We offer affordable and relaxing massage treatments, designed to erase all traces of stress from your body.

Nourish your soul with our opulent waxing (including intimate waxing), massage treatments or facial treatments.


Call us on: 01924 863 311

Click below to view a detailed price list for our waxing, facial and massage treatments.


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Facial Treatments

At Tan & Tonic you can indulge yourself in any of our range of facial treatments including our amazing dermatude facials.


Whether you want us to help recapture your youth with microdermabrasion or treat yourself to a spa facial with massage, we're here for you.


Waxing and Relaxing